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Ronel Data has helped companies in multiple industries get organized and streamlined to help their teams be more productive and be able to serve their customers more efficiently. The Claris FileMaker platform is ideal for efficiently addressing business concerns and quickly improving the process flow. We continue to solve business problems and provide ongoing support for our clients. Here is a small sample of companies we have worked with successfully.

Non-Destructive Testing Facility


This client uses FileMaker to track parts and items received for testing and processed through the variety of tests. The main system stores and organizes test reports with images. They also use FileMaker to track personnel and equipment via check in/out process. Plus, they have an iPad with a time card system used by personnel to clock in/out, which is used for payroll.


Solution: Non-Destructive Testing Tracking System and Time Clock

School District Robust CRM


The school district FileMaker system organizes contacts and their relations to schools, community partners, departments, divisions, offices, and specialty groups. It includes custom distribution lists used for communications (via email or for mailing labels), events with integrated calendar (that also displays district Google calendars), and tracks needs and resources in the district (along with fulfillment of the district’s needs).


Solution: Multi-tiered Robust CRM

CMT Consultants and Testing


The consulting and testing system has contact management as part of a job tracker that covers the main business processes from proposal to project to invoice. On-field techs use iPhones to capture data on-site and submit it to the office for processing. Reports and invoices are processed and approved within the system. Other associated companies also use FileMaker for their processes, reports and invoice approval within the system.


Solution: CMT Reporting and Invoicing

Construction Quote Management

This construction company has a sales quoting system in FileMaker that tracks quote status and produces sales quoting closure numbers by brand and job type. The quotes are very detailed and can produce quick, accurate quotes that are sent their prospective customers. It also produces control reports and closure rates by product and by job type.


Solution: Sales Quote System

Construction Job Management

This client uses FileMaker for its main job tracker that includes customer tracing, products, jobs (including change orders ad service jobs), job files, and milestones that appear in an integrated calendar. It also includes a meeting view used in weekly meetings to keep the operations team in sync.


Solution: Main Job Tracker

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We maintain a one-on-one personal association with our clients using open and direct lines of communication. We take a structured approach in the consultation process to keep our clients moving forward and informed of progress towards their goals.


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