Our strengths include business and data coaching, and database design/development of desktop and mobile solutions. We maintain an undiluted, one-on-one personal association with our clients using open and direct lines of communication.

Our structured approach to every project allows clients to be informed about progress on a regular basis.




Ronel Data has emerged as an active participant in our industry’s growth by providing a substantial level of expertise and services in FileMaker Pro and business data coaching.

Over 20 years ago, we began offering database development and consultation services for a variety of industries. Shortly thereafter, we added web development services, specializing in professional level design and integration with FileMaker systems. Since then, we added customized comprehensive business and data coaching services, including assistance with management, SOPs, and the hiring of in-house developer/analysts.

Our team specializes in formulating customized project schedules and coaching programs to maximize client success. We use FileMaker and other technologies and tools to create customized business management and data solutions for desktop, mobile, and web.


RAF - Director


Successfully assists clients get control of their workflow and business practices across multiple industries utilizing FileMaker and other technologies for over 20 years.

JENN - Public Relations


Responsible for administrative and  public relations initiatives within our team. Creates and manages PR campaigns with the goal of enriching our company's position within the public eye.

RON - Designer


Our content and graphic designs are in good hands with Ron. He is a published writer and accomplished photographer and designer. Plus, he enjoys teaching his craft nationwide.

As seasoned vested members of the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA), we have the credentials and support to design, develop and manage your FileMaker business and data solution. Furthermore, when the time comes to enhance or upgrade, you will receive the updated expertise to meet your changing and evolving business and technical needs.




Ronel Data has honed its service processes through years of successful project planning management and execution.
With a distinct ability to listen and gather details, we learn about your business functions and data process requirements allowing us to understand your business' particular needs. After gathering and analyzing all the requirements, we are able to put all the pieces together to form a customized program, project, and schedule that best fits your team and company.





Initial Meeting and Consultation (Strategy)

In our first meeting, the goal is to define the needs for a custom solution or program based on your workflow, and learn more about any existing system and practices to familiarize ourselves with your daily business processes.


Requirements Gathering (Discovery)

After our initial meeting and consultation, we spend time with your team learning about your daily process of information in order to design a company and/or database structure to capture, store, organize, and report your data in the most logical and efficient manner for success for you and your team.

Requirements Document (Contract)

You will always be aware of the costs involved up front, and will be kept updated regularly on the status of your project throughout the process. Initial meetings are always complimentary. Plus, a Requirements Document and Budget are submitted for approval before the start of any project or program.


System Development (Solution)

After gathering all business and data requirements, our team begins by designing a database and/or business process structure. This structure will be presented for review and approval. Once approved, this structure will be the base of all development and coaching. It can be revisited as the project or program progresses and as the requirements change over time.


As part of a solution development project, an acceptance test will be performed by the development team along with the user group followed by a final review of the requirements document to confirm that all requirements were met.


As part of a custom coaching program, a final review of the requirements document is conducted with team members of Ronel Data and the client to ensure satisfactory achievement of target business goals.


Maintenance Agreement (Support)

A maintenace and support agreement will be put in place at the successful completion of any coaching program, and/or after a solution is fully developed, tested and implemented. The details of this agreement will be dependant on the needs of each client. You have the option of signing up for a monthly flat-fee for a defined number of hours of support, or a pay-as-you-go hourly rate. For customized business data coaching and software data solutions, contact us to get the ball rolling towards success!


We Value Our Clients - We take a personalized approach in how we work with our clients. Our goal is to develop successful long-term business relationships that will allow us to have an in-depth understanding of our clients' needs, their industry, and professional preferences. Here is a sampling of some of our successful projects.

126 W Burburry Circle, The Woodlands TX 77384  Tel: 281-363-9995  •  Email: raf@roneldata.com