Established in 1993
We Have The Credentials
To Meet Your Needs
Ronel Data has emerged as an active participant in our industry’s growth by providing a substantial level of expertise in FileMaker Pro. Our strengths include database design and development of desktop and mobile solutions.

We maintain an undiluted, one-on-one personal association with our clients using open and direct lines of communication. We have developed a special client "hot line" database register for after-hour requests. Our structured approach to needs development allows clients to be informed about the progress of their project on a regular basis.

Our company's active attention to client-specific requisites and situations has helped make Ronel Data the obvious choice for customized database system solutions and web/e-commerce development.

The goal is to meet our clients' needs without compromising effective personal communication, a very important facet for growth and success in any industry.

As vested members of The FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA), we have the credentials and support to design, modify and manage your FileMaker solution.

And when the time comes for enhancements, or changes, you will get the updated expertise to meet your changing needs.

For website deployment, we use Lasso, a powerful development platform that allows developers to create custom, data-driven web applications.
We also use PHP, a Server-side HTML embedded scripting language. It provides us with a full suite of tools for building dynamic, compliant websites.

About FileMaker, Inc.
FileMaker, Inc. is the worldwide leader in easy-to-use and robust database software for business professionals and personal users alike.

When business professionals need more than spreadsheets, they turn to FileMaker software. They look to increase their productivity with ready-to-use applications or by having one tailored to meet their specific needs.

Customizing, creating, and sharing easy-to-use database solutions has never been easier, and FileMaker is powerful enough to integrate with corporate data environments, share on the web, and grow as your needs grow.

An ever growing number of individuals, small businesses, teams in education and government, even workgroups in Fortune 100 companies manage projects, and assets with FileMaker.

When you are ready for a desktop, mobile, or web integration solution, Contact Us. We offer an initial free person-to-person consultation session (up to 2 hours) to discuss your needs and options.